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Amphoteric Nature of Copper Sulfate


Use care when handling 6M HCl and 6M NaOH. They are both corrosive and toxic.

Chemicals and Solutions

  • 0.1M Cu(SO) Copper sulfate
  • Dilute(approx. 2%) or conc. Ammonium chloride
  • 6M Hydrochloric acid
  • 6M Sodium hydroxide


  • 2 small hydrometer cylinders
  • 2 stirring rods


Follow the table below for each solution.

Add to each beaker Iron (III) sulfate Copper sulfate
Starting color: clear rustish clear pale blue
Add 1 part 2% ammonia gelatinous rustish powder blue ppt to dark blue
+1 part 2% ammonia still gelatinous rustish dark blue to super blue
Add 1 part 6M HCl yellow pale blue
+1 part 6M HCl yellow blue/green
+1 part 6M HCl yellow green/blue
+1 part 6M HCl yellow green


Substances that can act as either acids or bases are described as amphoteric.