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Sublimation of Iodine


  • Avoid breathing iodine vapor.
  • Iodine can stain skin and clothing. Wash skin and clothing with sodium thiosulfate to remove iodine.

Chemicals and Solutions

Solid iodine - display bottle


  • One liter round bottom flask
  • One liter beaker
  • Support stand, 5" ring, and buret clamp
  • Bunsen burner, gauze screen and matches


  1. Clamp the one liter beaker to the stand at a height such that a burner can be placed beneath it.
  2. Add a small amount of iodine to the beaker.
  3. Clamp the round bottom flask above the beaker such that the round bottom flask seals the mouth of the beaker.
  4. Fill the flask half full with ice water.
  5. Heat the iodine using the Bunsen burner. The iodine will sublime and then recrystallize on the cold round bottom flask.