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James Gaynor recognized for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation by APS Division of Laser Science

Submitted by Diana Knight on November 6, 2020 - 2:15pm
James Gaynor

Congratulations to Dr. James Gaynor '19 on winning the Carl E. Anderson Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Laser Science from the American Physical Society. The award recognizes doctoral research in the Laser Science area and encourages effective written and oral presentation of research results; it carries a $1,000 prize.

Dr. Gaynor completed his Ph.D. work on ultrafast vibronic phenomena directly revealed by multidimensional electronic-vibrational spectroscopy with Munira Khalil, Leon C. Johnson Professor of Chemistry. He now works as an Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Scholar with Professors Stephen Leone and Daniel Neumark at UC Berkeley/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on developing new multidimensional spectroscopies that use attosecond light pulses in the extreme UV and soft X-ray spectral region to directly measure electron-electron correlations in small molecules in the gas phase and in solution.

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