Add or Drop a Class and Non-matriculated Enrollment

Student Registration

Answers to the most common course registration questions are provided below; if you do not find the answer you need, please email Chemistry Undergraduate Services at or contact a Chemistry Undergraduate Adviser.

Adding a Course

Enrollment in most chemistry courses does not require an add code. Students can enroll without a code via the online registration process, as long as they have fulfilled the course prerequisites (or the Chemistry placement test requirement for CHEM 110, 120, 142, 143 or 145). If a specific section of a chemistry course requires an add code, please read the section comments in the UW Time Schedule or MyPlan to find the appropriate contact information. Examples of chemistry sections that might require add codes include those reserved for First-Year Interest Groups aka "FIGs" (, special interest categories (MSEP, STARS, etc.), and honors courses. If the section comments do not include specific contact information, please e-mail

Non-matriculated Enrollment

Non-matriculated students seeking to enroll in a Chemistry course can obtain necessary approvals from the Undergraduate Services Office by e-mailing Non-matriculated student registration for Chemistry courses is allowed on a space-available basis only, beginning on the first day of the quarter.

Dropping a Course

Drop codes are rarely required for students to drop a chemistry course. Students dropping lab courses after the second week of the quarter will not have their lab fees refunded. For more information on the timeline & process for dropping a course, visit the UW Registrar's Current Quarter Drop page.

To drop a chemistry course that is associated with a FIG (First-Year Interest Group) before the autumn quarter begins, students must drop the entire FIG. The Chemistry Department does not have add/drop codes for FIG-linked sections. For more information, visit First-Year Interest Groups FAQ.


Chemistry courses with a laboratory component may never be overloaded past the enrollment limit, due to safety requirements. Overloading non-lab courses is discouraged, but is occasionally allowed depending on classroom size, graduating senior requirements, how often the course is offered, and instructor approval. Students seeking to overload a course should contact the Chemistry Undergraduate Advising Office.

The Chemistry Department does not maintain waitlists for any courses. Students are encouraged to sign up for space availability notifications for full courses/sections on UW MyPlan or at

Switching Sections

Students can switch to a different course section (e.g., from CHEM 142BC to CHEM 142BA or CHEM 142AD) through the online registration process. Section switches are generally subject to the standard enrollment deadlines, but late sections switches may be allowed in special circumstances.


Audits are not allowed for the laboratory part of a course. It is left to the instructor to allow for auditing; however, the availability of classroom space should be considered when making this decision.

Time Conflicts

Time conflicts occur when a student wants to take two courses with overlapping meeting times. When this occurs, the student must obtain approval from both instructors, and submit the Registration Transaction Form to the Registrar's Office ( Please review the "Time Conflicts" section of the UW Registration Restrictions page for more details about the process. 

Time conflict registrations are rarely allowed for Chemistry courses, especially when the conflict involves a laboratory session or a lecture period which might include an exam. Conflict approvals should be requested only when absolutely necessary.

Cancelled Registration 

The UW registration system automatically checks prerequisites when a student enrolls in a course. If a student does not meet the course prerequisites they will be dropped from the course (e.g., if a student earned less than a 1.7 in CHEM 142 and is registered for CHEM 152 in the upcoming quarter, they will be dropped from CHEM 152 within a few days after grades are submitted. Students may also be dropped from a course due to academic performance (repeated quarters on academic probation). In these cases you will need to contact one of our Chemistry Undergraduate Advisers.