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Computing Support

High speed Internet connections are widely available throughout the Department. DHCP service is available on all of the department's five subnets, and permanent address assignments in the departmental domain ( are available upon request. The department also provides e-mail accounts in the departmental domain for faculty and staff.

Contact Us

Please send e-mail inquiries to We'll all see it and probably respond faster than e-mailing any one of us individually.

We're in Bagley Hall 363 when we aren't wandering around fixing things.

Name Phone Email
John Peterson 3-1699
Richard Ketcham 5-2438
Sally Weaks 3-5315
Jim Earnshaw 6-4967

Secure Your Computer

It is your responsibility to secure your computer before you connect to the network. Life is much easier if you stay secure to begin with! See the security best practices page.

Connecting to the Network

IP addresses are automatically assigned via DHCP in both Bagley Hall and the Chemistry Building. You don't need to get permission to connect with DHCP. Just configure your settings to use DHCP ("Obtain an IP address automatically" on Windows.) Most new computers come with this set as the default.

If you need to access your computer from some other computer, you'll need a static IP address. In that case, you'll need to fill out a Network Connection Request form, available in Bagley Hall 363. Return it to Sally Weaks.

Wireless Access for UW Visitors

Do your visitors need wireless access while working or learning at the UW? Faculty and staff members can go online to give guests temporary access to UW's wireless networks.