Proposal Preparation

Proposal and Budget Preparation

The pre-award grants shared mailbox is the best way to reach us if you’re not already working with one of us:

Mark D. Hertle, Ph.D., Grant Manager
Bagley Hall 109D 206-616-9936

Andrea Gallagher, Grant Specialist
Bagley Hall 109B 206-685-3661

Tyler Robison, Grant Specialist
CHB 304A 206-543-7968

Proposal preparation and submission assistance is our primary service. As soon as you’re thinking about applying for an opportunity, please let us know so we can help. We prefer to know earlier and have you decided not to submit than to hear about something only when you’re sure and there’s not enough time to do an ideal job.

Internal deadlines

Meeting our best-practice deadlines helps:

  • Improve compliance with sponsor, College, and University policies.
  • Ensure there is adequate time to thoughtfully prepare each document.
  • Smooth out the workload pressures on staff.
  • Produce the highest-quality proposals with the lowest risk of errors or missed deadlines.

Note that the days below are relative to sponsor deadlines and are UW business days.

13 Day – Initial documents should be sent to the grants team by this point. Any “business” elements, including the budget, budget justification, and subawards (if applicable) should be finalized. “Science” documents (e.g., Research Strategy, Equipment, Facilities) can be in draft form at this stage.

10 Day – The full draft proposal should be assembled and the eGC1 begins routing to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).

7 Day – The draft proposal has reached OSP by this point and has been reviewed for compliance.

5 Day – The final “science” documents are sent to the grants team; the finalized proposal is routed to OSP as ready to submit.

3 Day - We strongly discourage routing an eGC1 on the three-day. The risk of a non-compliant or non-submittable proposal goes up significantly, particularly as the 5PM deadline approaches. Staff and PIs can be unavailable, sick, have competing urgent priorities, sponsor and internal software systems can be slow or non-functional, any issues with finalizing the proposal may not be resolvable in time, etc.

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