Photonics Research Center

The Photonics Research Center is a multi-user shared research facility (Bagley Hall, rooms 453 and 459) that houses state-of-the art equipment for the fabrication, materials characterization, and device testing associated with thin film optoelectronic devices. The primary goal of the center is to facilitate research and development of organic electronic and optoelectronic devices such as thin-film transistors, energy efficient light-emitting diodes, and solar cells.

At the core of the facility are two inert atmosphere processing and thin-film deposition systems that allow for sample preparation and device testing without exposing samples to water and oxygen. This capability is essential to making high-performance, durable devices from organic semiconductors, but may be used by other users provided their processes are compatible with the processes of established users. An extensive array of equipment for the optical and electrical characterization of materials and thin film devices is also available for use in and out of the gloveboxes. See a description of the instruments available.


The Photonics Research Center operates as a cost center available to graduate students, academic, non-profit, national laboratory, and industrial researchers. To become an authorized user for a particular piece of equipment, you need to undergo one training session and then schedule a follow up session with the instructor, where you demonstrate your knowledge of the system or process.

Once you successfully complete the training, you will be instructed on next steps to gain key card access to the room. The Department of Chemistry key custodian will need your contact information and approvals from your supervisor and the facility manager.

For training, please contact facility manager:

Photonics Center Manager
Department of Chemistry - Ginger Group
Box 351700
Seattle WA 98195-1700

Only qualified users are allowed 24/7 access to the facility.