Research Stockroom

The Research Stockroom, located in 36 Bagley Hall and also known as the Chemstore, is a self-service facility that provides stock items for sale in the general categories of chemicals, glassware, lab supplies, hardware, office supplies and cryogens. Purchases may be charged to an active UW budget (or project number for Chemistry accounts). Unfortunately, items cannot be sold to individuals or those outside of the University of Washington. Purchases are made at checkout using your UW NetID, with the cost charged to a valid UW budget number designated on your account.

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The Chemstore is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 am-12:00 pm and 1:00-4:30 pm, except on UW holidays, when the Chemstore will be closed along with the rest of the Department and University.

Establishing An Account

Accounts are managed by Chemistry Purchasing & Accounting staff. To set up a new account or to add a budget to an existing account, please fill out the online Budget Request Form (requires NetID). You will need a valid UW budget number (and/or a Chemistry project number), principal investigator name, department.

Other Important Information


You can request cyanide online after reviewing the Department's policy on cyanide use for research


Ethanol sales are limited to Chemistry personnel and budgets ONLY.  Sales require a permit and authorized signature.

Liquid Nitrogen

Customers are NOT allowed to fill from the large liquid nitrogen tanks unless trained and approved. See the Research Storeroom Manager.


All shipping outbound from the Department, regardless of contents, MUST be approved by the Storeroom Manager.  For any shipping that includes chemicals, please provide the stockroom Manager with the pertinent MSDS paperwork in addition to the shipping request forms below.
FedEx Shipping Request Form (DOCX) (Word doc 13KB)
UPS Shipping Request Form (DOCX) (Word doc 13KB)

Outbound packages must be processed before noon.

Safety Policies

  • Lab Gloves – Lab gloves must be removed before entering the Storeroom
  • Secondary Containment – Chemicals, purchased in a 2.5 liter or larger container, require the use of an authorized safety carrier or secondary containment as required by Environmental Heath & Safety.
  • Cylinders – Empty cylinders require cylinder caps PRIOR to being returned to the cylinder shed
  • Safe Start Guidelines - Review and understand the protocols.


Lochlan Hickok, Stockroom Manager
36 Bagley Hall
Box 351700
Seattle, WA  98195-1700