Catalyze Your Success: Learning Strategies for Students

In the Department of Chemistry, we know our courses can be tough. That's why we are committed to lowering barriers to your success. This site will show you how to develop excellent learning strategies you can employ to succeed throughout your education, as well as on your next exam.


An effective study plan starts with metacognition: the ability to think about your own thinking. Metacognition is a powerful tool for accurately judging your level of learning and what you do and do not know.

Growth Mindset

You can grow your intelligence! Learn about the neurobiological basis of growth mindset, and language you can use to deepen your belief in your own power to learn.

The Learning Cycle

Learn how to use the time you devote to your coursework effectively. Work smarter, not harder.

Focused Study Sessions

Structure your study sessions to stay on task and use your limited time efficiently. 

Active Reading

Don't just aim your face at the book: learn how to get the most out of your assigned textbook readings.

Treat Homework as Assessment 

Your homework can be more than just a course-points generator! Learn how to use it to supercharge your learning.

Effective Groupwork

Peers can be incredible resources when you are learning new concepts. Set your group up to be efficient and effective.

The Power of Teaching (where YOU are the teacher) 

Attempting to teach the material (to a friend, a family member, or even a poster of your favorite K-pop star) lets you know which topics you know well (and which you might still have questions about).

Information in the Catalyze Your Success program has been adapted from learning strategies presented by the Louisiana State University Center for Academic Success and the book "Teach Students How to Learn" by Saundra Yancy McGuire, Stylus Publishing (2021).