Registration and Course Selection

  • Placement Exams for Intro Courses
    The General Chemistry Placement Exam is used for enrollment in CHEM 110, 120, 142 or 143. The Honors CHEM 145 Placement Exam is used for enrollment in CHEM 145, both exams are free and located on this page.
  • Choosing Intro Courses
    The information on this page can be used a guide to assist you in choosing the appropriate introductory chemistry course.
  • Choosing Organic Courses
    Choosing the right one is a matter of meeting the prerequisites, satisfying your major requirements, and leaving your options open for professional programs and/or graduate school. This page can assist you with choosing the correct organic course.
  • Choosing Advanced Electives
    Chemistry students have a variety of advanced electives that they can take. This page lists lecture and lab electives organized by chemistry division.
  • Repeating a Course
    Course repeat policies.
  • Add/Drop a Class & Non-Matriculated Enrollment
    Please see this page for registration and enrollment policies and procedures.
  • BIOC 426 Registration & Exemption
    This page details how to register for BIOC 426 and the application for BIOC 426 exemption.
  • AP & IB Credits
    Here you can find how AP and IB credits transfer to UW.
  • Learning Goals for Undergraduates
    Details for our educational process and the goals we have for students at the end of their studies.