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Undergraduate Programs

The UW Department of Chemistry runs one of the largest chemistry and biochemistry undergraduate degree program in the nation. We also offer a chemistry minor and serve many non-majors, with more than 3,000 undergraduates taking at least one introductory chemistry course annually. We have the largest undergraduate instructional laboratory program at the UW.

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Undergraduate News

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November 20, 2020
We are excited to announce that applications open December 14, 2020 for the Clean Energy Bridge to Research (CEBR)!   Clean Energy Bridge to Research (CEBR) is a summer research program sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and facilitated by the University of Washington’s (UW) Clean Energy Institute (CEI). It supports a select group of undergraduates to participate in authentic research in solar, energy storage, and grid technologies under the mentorship of UW’s... Read more
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November 20, 2020
We are excited to announce that applications open December 14, 2020 for the Molecular Engineering Materials Center (MEM-C) Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates! University of Washington’s Molecular Engineering Materials Center (MEM-C) is a Materials Research and Engineering Center (MRSEC) funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF 1719797). MEM-C aims to accelerate the development of future energy conversion, information processing, and sensing technologies through... Read more
October 18, 2020
From an early age, UW senior Marium Raza understood the importance of affordable health care. Raised in Redmond, Washington, she had excellent health coverage through her father’s employer, but she glimpsed a different reality during summer trips to Pakistan to visit relatives. Health care there was neither covered nor adequate. “We would basically just avoid going to the doctor while we were there,” Raza recalls. “If we needed anything, we’d wait until we were back in the States. I was always... Read more
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September 4, 2020
Each year the Department of Chemistry acknowledges our top students in the Honors General Chemistry series, the Honors Organic Chemistry series, and the Physical Chemistry series. The P.C. Cross award for the top student in Physical Chemistry has been awarded to Cable Warren. The Hyp Dauben award for the top students in Honors Organic Chemistry has been awarded to Matt Helton, Zachariah Fincher, and Hayden Manninen. The Honors General Chemistry Achievement Award for the top students in... Read more
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August 10, 2020
Nature’s Label is a start-up created by five enterprising college students — Sophie Ye, Khoi Ha, Siddhant Jain and Alyssa Mell from the UW and Arya Mathew from Seattle University.Featured on Seattle Refined 
Georges Camille Motchoffo Simo
June 24, 2020
Congratulations to Georges Camille Motchoffo Simo, who has been named a Spence Scholar! “I was born in Ebolowa, Cameroon. I was raised by a single mother with two older brothers. I moved to the US at the age of 18, not knowing a word of English. My dream of all time is to become an MD/Ph.D. in Neurosurgery. I have been dreaming of becoming a researcher while working in the medical field for my very first day of middle school. I grew up thinking that college was not an option for me because of... Read more
Marium Raza
June 24, 2020
Congratulations to Marium Raza, who has been awarded the Thomas Sedlock Icon Scholarship! “Marium is a rising senior in the interdisciplinary honors program at the University of Washington, studying biochemistry and comparative history of ideas. Her personal experiences with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis motivated her to study the physiological mechanisms behind the pain she so often felt growing up. So, as a freshman she started working in the Gordon lab in the Department of Physiology and... Read more
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June 24, 2020
Congratulations to Priscilla Kwong and Catherine Pham, who have both been awarded Fulbright Scholarship Awards for the 2020-21 academic year!   Priscilla graduated from the UW in 2016. She will be traveling to Thailand to work as an English Teaching Assistant, and plans to attend graduate school for counseling.   Catherine graduated from the UW this spring. She will be traveling to Vietnam to work as English Teaching Assistant, and hopes to pursue a future career as a pediatrician. To read... Read more
Bronze W
June 24, 2020
This year’s recipients of the Distinguished Research in Chemistry award are: Ruben Crew (Professor Zhang’s group) John Day (Professor Theberge’s group) Maddie Eakman (Professor Zalatan’s group) Dane Johnson (Professor Cossairt’s group) Ethan Vo (Professor Li’s group) Natalia Wilcox (Professor Zalatan’s group) Ingrid Zimmerman (Professor Cossairt’s group)  This year’s recipients of the Distinguished Research in Biochemistry award are: Miriam Al-Saedy (Professor Klevit’s group) Marie Bauer (... Read more
Andrew Carroll
May 7, 2020
Senior Lecturer Andrea Carroll was highlighted in a UW News article about the recent transition to online learning. Read the full article