Graduate Student Community

Chemistry Graduate Student Club

All graduate students in the UW Department of Chemistry are members of the Chemistry Graduate Student Club. The club aims to form relationships between members of all divisions within the Department of Chemistry, as well as to provide resources for students to make connections with additional communities on campus. They achieve this primarily through hosting social events and providing incoming and current graduate students with a host of resources on graduate student life, health and diversity at the UW and in Seattle as a whole.

To get a peek into Graduate Student life in the Department of Chemistry follow The UW Chemistry Graduate Student Club at @UWChemGC on both Twitter and Instagram.

Chair's Student Advisory Committee

Graduate student members of this committee are elected by their peers to meet with the department chair quarterly to discuss graduate student concerns in the department. Contact the committee by email.

Other Graduate Student Organizations

Inclusion in Chemical Sciences (InCS)

InCS is a student organization at the UW whose mission is to increase inclusion and diversity in the sciences. They do this by creating safe and open spaces for dialogue, mentorship, collaboration, camaraderie, and skill building through a variety of activities including guest speakers and panels, student-facilitated discussions, workshops, and outreach to primary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions.


ProCURE (Promoting Chemistry Undergraduate Research Equity) is a small group of graduate students working for change in our department – specifically when it comes to undergraduate research equity in the chemical sciences. They intend to facilitate mentorship training for graduate student mentors, build a mentorship network for undergraduate students interested in or currently performing undergraduate research, and increase access to funding for undergraduate researchers. This working group was formed in 2021.

Graduate Student Mentorship Network

The goal of the Graduate Student Mentorship Network is to help incoming graduate students with questions about starting graduate school as well as integrating them into the department when they arrive. If you’re an incoming student with questions about life as a UW chemistry graduate student, or if you’re a current graduate student interested in sharing your expertise, this mentorship network might be for you!

The Union of Academic Student Employees & Postdocs at UW

Many of the Chemistry department’s graduate students are members or stewards of the UAW 4121. This union has come together to build power and voice for ourselves, and to advocate for our professions and the academic environment. Individually, our influence is limited. By standing together, we can have a strong voice in our departments, throughout the university, and in the state and federal governments that fund our work.

Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS)

GPSS is an organization that advocates for the needs and interests of the entire graduate student body on campus and at the state and federal levels. It is composed of graduate students from all departments on campus as well as non-academic programs and communities. Two Senators are selected to represent the Chemistry department’s graduate student population.

Global Renewables Infrastructure Development (GRID)

Global Renewables Infrastructure Development (GRID) is a student-led organization focused on researching and improving the impact that renewable energy has on off-grid communities and disaster-stricken regions. Through small-scale solar installations, students have the opportunity to develop their technical expertise, understand the socioeconomic impact of technology integration, and establish best practices for launching international projects. By working alongside international partners, we aim to share our knowledge in developing equitable energy solutions to empower under-served communities.

More student organizations supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion