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Graduate Programs

Welcome to the UW Department of Chemistry! Please review the pages below for information about our degree programs, research opportunities, and resources to support graduate students. We hear from our students that our expansive research facilities and accessible faculty contribute to an excellent graduate experience. If you need financial assistance to help you realize your dreams, financial support is available. If you are serious about pursuing your graduate education with us, please review the admissions section.

Graduate Program News

Chemistry cheat sheet by Kirill Shumilov
April 29, 2022
The Department of Chemistry's Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award recognizes special contributions by graduate students in undergraduate education. Congratulations to our recipients of the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for 2021: Madeline Currie, Mercie Hodges, Dylan Rogers, Devin Rollins, and Sahiti Shankar! Congratulations to Ashley Dostie, the recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for 2020! Madeline Currie is a second-year graduate student in the... Read more
Chantelle Leveille dressed in regalia
March 31, 2022
Congratulations to Chantelle Leveille, who defended her Ph.D. work “Phase separation in yeast vacuole membranes” on February 4, 2022. Chantelle was a student in Professor Sarah Keller’s research group specializing in live cell microscopy and image analysis. She has accepted a position with The Allen Institute for Cell Sciences!
Tyler Milstein
March 18, 2022
Congratulations to Tyler Milstein, who defended his Ph.D. work "Quantum Cutting via Broadband Sensitization in Ytterbium-Doped Lead Halide Perovskites" on March 15, 2022. Tyler was a student in Professor Daniel Gamelin's research group and investigated unique photophysical properties of semiconductor nanomaterials using a combination of optical spectroscopies and chemistry techniques. He has accepted a position with Roche Diagnostics as a Scientist (molecular engineer) where he will focus on... Read more
Ryan DiRisio presents a poster
February 3, 2022
Congratulations to Ryan DiRisio, who defended his Ph.D. work “Development and Analysis of Computational Methods to Study Hydrogen Bonding in Molecular Clusters” on February 2, 2022. Ryan was a student in Professor Anne McCoy's research group and was a fellow at the Molecular Sciences Software Institute (MolSSI). He has accepted a position with Treeline Biosciences, where he will be a Scientific Computing Engineer.
This fluorescence microscopy image shows yeast vacuoles that have undergone phase separation. Credit: Luther Davis/Alexey Merz/University of Washington
January 25, 2022
A team at the UW reports that living yeast cells can actively regulate a process called phase separation in one of their membranes. During phase separation, the membrane forms distinct zones that segregate lipids and proteins. The new findings show for the first time that, in response to environmental conditions, yeast cells precisely regulate the temperature at which their membrane undergoes phase separation. The researchers believe that phase separation is likely a “switch” mechanism that... Read more
Tim Trinklein
January 10, 2022
Timothy Trinklein, a doctoral candidate in Professor Rob Synovec’s group, won the first place of the 2021 Richard D. Sacks Award from the 18th International GC×GC Symposium for his presentation titled, “Exploring Total-Transfer Comprehensive Three-Dimensional Gas Chromatography.” The International GCxGC Symposium Awards annually recognize leaders in the field of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography who have made significant... Read more
Riley Rogan
December 20, 2021
As Riley Rogan completed his bachelor’s in chemistry in spring 2020, COVID-19 began to send the world into lockdown. With the future uncertain and career opportunities limited, he examined his options. “I decided to do a one-year master’s program and pick up more education while this pandemic unfolded,” Riley said. He enrolled in the UW Master of Science in Applied Chemical Science & Technology program to further explore his passion for analytical chemistry and become more competitive in... Read more
Selorm Tamakloe
December 8, 2021
Selorm Tamakloe grew up in Ghana with plans to become a pediatrician. While completing her bachelor’s in biochemistry and dance, she decided to get a taste of graduate school before applying to medical school. She was intrigued by the UW Master of Science in Applied Chemical Science & Technology. “I wanted to challenge myself,” said Selorm. “The master’s program was a way to learn more about the sciences, expand my skill set and prove to myself and to medical school that I can handle... Read more
Caitlin Cornell in regalia
December 3, 2021
The Council of Graduate Schools / ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award, the nation’s most prestigious honor for doctoral dissertations, was presented to Caitlin Cornell during an award ceremony held at the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) 61st Annual Meeting in New Orleans on December 2, 2021. Dr. Cornell received her PhD in physical chemistry and biophysics from the University of Washington in 2019.  Dr. Cornell received the 2021 Award in Biological and Life Sciences for her dissertation... Read more
Portrait of Yuting Zeng
November 5, 2021
Yuting Zeng, a graduate student in Assistant Professor Ashleigh Theberge’s group, was accepted into the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) Kidney STARS program. The ASN Kidney STARS program stimulates interest in nephrology careers by providing tailored events and networking opportunities for medical students, residents, and graduate students with an interest in nephrology who have not yet committed to applying to a... Read more