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The University of Washington and the Department of Chemistry provide a broad range of computing resources and support for these resources.


  • Computers are available for student use in the General and Organic Chemistry Study Centers, located on the 3rd floor of Bagley, which are equipped with software typically used in chemistry courses.
  • WiFi is available throughout campus and can be accessed through either the University of Washington (unencrypted) or eduroam (encrypted) networks.  Whenever possible, users should use eduroam.
  • Wired gigabit Ethernet is available throughout the Chemistry buildings.  In rooms with multiple ports, not all of them may be active; please contact for assistance.  Static IP addresses and DNS assignment are also available on request when needed, both on the internal and (with limited availability) external networks.
  • Secure remote access to the campus network through Husky OnNet
  • Printing: The department maintains an array of copiers/printers, which can be used locally or printed to remotely.  Copiers in BAG 129A and CHB 304L can also scan to PDF.
  • Chemistry-related site licenses: 
    • ChemDraw
    • Gaussian - contact Prof. Xiaosong Li
  • Other software that is licensed by the University of Washington
  • Security best practices


High Performance Computing

Other University Resources

External Supercomputing Resources