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Liquid Nitrogen


Freeze items and explore gas laws with liquid nitrogen


Liquid nitrogen is extremely cold. Wear gloves and use tongs.

Chemicals and Solutions

Large dewar of Liquid nitrogen


  • Wide mouth dewar
  • gloves
  • tongs or forceps
  • flowers
  • balloon
  • rubber tubing
  • hammer


The following items are available:

  • Fresh flowers: they will crumble easily after being dunked in liquid nitrogen. (Nature permitting)
  • Balloons filled with air: show the decrease in the volume of gas. A fun demonstration: pull numerous inflated balloons out of a dewar. At room temperature the balloons have a volume that is the same as the dewar.
  • Rubber ball or rubber tubing: show how they become brittle.
  • Various toys that shatter in fun ways
  • Liquid nitrogen Ice cream


Element Boiling Point
Helium -268.9° C
Hydrogen -252.9° C
Nitrogen -195.8° C
Oxygen -182.95° C