Research Awards Announced!

Submitted by Casey Renneberg on

This year’s recipients of the Distinguished Research in Chemistry award are:

Ruben Crew (Professor Zhang’s group)

John Day (Professor Theberge’s group)

Maddie Eakman (Professor Zalatan’s group)

Dane Johnson (Professor Cossairt’s group)

Ethan Vo (Professor Li’s group)

Natalia Wilcox (Professor Zalatan’s group)

Ingrid Zimmerman (Professor Cossairt’s group) 

This year’s recipients of the Distinguished Research in Biochemistry award are:

Miriam Al-Saedy (Professor Klevit’s group)

Marie Bauer (Professor Davis’s group)

Rose Fields (Professor King’s group)

Shannon Hu (Professor Kwon’s group)

Aaron Liu (Professor Ruohola-Baker’s group)

Deanne Mische (Professor Klevit’s group)

Kevin Nie (Professor Kollman’s group)


Congratulations to all of our graduating seniors!

These awards were established by the Department of Chemistry to honor graduating seniors who have maintained an exceptional academic record and excelled in their undergraduate research.

Thank you to our alumni and friends who give generously to fund these awards. If you have questions about giving to the University of Washington or how you can support students studying chemistry and biochemistry, please contact Diana Knight, advancement & communications manager.