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Jeffrey Paz Buenaflor on Minnesota Joint Safety Team

Submitted by Diana Knight on April 28, 2021 - 10:08am
Jeffrey Buenaflor holding a molecular model

We’re delighted to share that Jeffrey Paz Buenaflor, who earned his PhD in chemistry in 2019 with Professor Christine Luscombe, is featured in The Minnesota Chemist as a member of the Joint Safety Team, a partnership between the University of Minnesota's Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering & Materials Science and the Dow Chemical Company. The Joint Safety Team, many of whose members are active in the Minnesota Local Section of the American Chemical Society, has been awarded a Local Section Innovative Project Grant (IPG) from the ACS to fund activities such as a networking lunch series with industry professionals, updating lab demos to include safety for both chemistry departments and outreach purposes, and building connections between the Joint Safety Team and local PUIs (primarily undergraduate institutions) and high schools. We’re proud to see Jeffrey continue his outreach endeavors during his postdoctoral study at UMN.

Featured on The Minnesota Chemist (2021 Issue 2, pages 3-4)

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