Theberge awarded Undergraduate Research Mentor Award

Submitted by Diana Knight on

The UW Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs selected Assistant Professor Ashleigh Theberge for an Undergraduate Research Mentor Award. Every year, Undergraduate Academic Affairs invites students who are presenting their work at the Undergraduate Research Symposium to nominate their mentor for special recognition. A committee then selects a few awardees from among those nominees (191 this year) to honor at the symposium. The selection is based on nominations and other evidence of successful mentorship. 

The following six undergraduate researchers from the Theberge group are presenting at this year's symposium on May 21, 2021:

 Cheryl Chan

 Maia Gower

 Grant Hassan

 Damielle Hieber

 Hannah Lea

 Meg Takezawa

Hannah Lea says, “Ashleigh is an amazing PI who has helped me in many areas inside and outside of research. She has challenged me to apply for difficult grants, plan my own experiments, and has encouraged my independence within my research. She has connected me with many people within the community for collaborations, has taught me scientific reading and writing, and … continually shows me new parts of running my own experiments and projects. She is a great leader to the whole group and allows all members to feel heard about lab endeavors … Ashleigh has made my time and research experience at UW truly amazing.”

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs Janice DeCosmo wrote in an email to Prof. Theberge, "Our hearty thanks to you for your great efforts in guiding undergraduates to become scholars, this is a very well-deserved honor!"

Well deserved, indeed! Congratulations, Prof. Theberge!