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Xiaosong Li named Associate Vice Provost for Research Cyberinfrastructure

Submitted by Diana Knight on June 21, 2022 - 4:49pm
Xiaosong Li stands near a stone pillar holding a molecular model

The Department of Chemistry congratulates Professor Xiaosong Li on his new role as Associate Vice Provost for Research Cyberinfrastructure for the University of Washington.  As Associate Vice Provost for Research Cyberinfrastructure, Li will oversee advanced research computing, data management, and big data systems, including the faculty governance of Hyak, the UW’s on-premises high performance super computer. Li will collaborate with Associate Vice Provost for Data Science Andrew Connolly and plans to approach his responsibilities in this role with a spirit of teamwork.

Li stepped down as Director of the M.S. in Applied Chemical Science and Technology Program and Professors Dan Fu and Rob Synovec will assume the responsibilities as Co-directors of the M.S. ACST Program. Professor Alshakim Nelson will join Li as Co-Associate Chair of Ph.D. Studies.

More about the role of Associate Vice Provost for Research Cyberinfrastructure is featured on Office of Research Central.

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