Alshakim Nelson promoted to Professor

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Alshakim Nelson

We are pleased to announce that Associate Professor Alshakim Nelson has been promoted to professor, effective September 16, 2022.

Professor Nelson and his interdisciplinary research team focus on the development of new stimuli-responsive materials and bio-hybrid materials for use in additive manufacturing. The Nelson group utilizes synthetic polymer chemistry and supramolecular chemistry to control macromolecular architecture and composition, which govern the viscoelastic properties of polymeric materials. His team has developed materials and technologies to 3D print soft polymeric materials such as hydrogels, ion gels, and bioplastics, which can be used for cell culture, tissue engineering, soft robotics, and sensors. The Nelson lab has also made significant contributions to the emerging field of engineered living materials, wherein genetically engineered microorganisms are 3D printed within synthetic polymer matrices to afford hybrid materials. These breakthroughs pave the way for a range of applications that include bioreactors capable of continuous production of high value chemicals.

Nelson is the Bernard and Claudine Nist Endowed Faculty Fellow and Co-associate Chair of Ph.D. Studies in the Department of Chemistry and the Director of Education for the UW Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute. His honors include recognition as an IBM Master Inventor, ACS PMSE Young Investigator, and Kavli Foundation Fellow, and he has won an NSF CAREER award and 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award.

To learn more about Professor Nelson and his research, follow the Nelson group on Twitter @NelsonLabUW, visit his faculty page, research group website, or contact him directly.