Carroll and Craig promoted to Teaching Professor

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We are pleased to announce that Associate Teaching Professors Andrea Carroll and Colleen Craig have been promoted to teaching professor, effective September 16, 2022. 

Prof. Andrea Carroll

Andrea Carroll outdoors

Professor Andrea Carroll has taught 43,225 student credit hours in the past five years, including Preparation for General Chemistry, General Chemistry I, General Chemistry III, as well as the lab components for the entire general chemistry series (142/152/162) and accelerated general chemistry series (143/153).

Between March 2020 and August 2021, Carroll migrated the General Chemistry courses and laboratory activities to remote learning. She led a team of TAs and laboratory technical staff to develop an immersive online lab experience for students. Carroll’s team created slideshow tours of experiments with pictures and videos demonstrating equipment, materials, techniques for critical steps, and data collection for TAs to escort their students through, followed by high-rigor data analysis typical of in-person labs. For the lecture component of the courses, Carroll produced resource videos that students could refer to on their own timelines, implemented learning context surveys for students to provide feedback to the teaching team, replaced the few high-stakes assessments with more frequent low-stakes assessments, and conducted highly structured online discussion sections.

As the CHEM 110 Faculty Coordinator for UW in the High School, Carroll ensures that the CHEM 110 courses offered through UWHS partner schools meet the same standards as the on-campus course, leads an annual training session for new and continuing UWHS teachers, provides ongoing curricular support and mentoring, and manages classroom observations.

Carroll is an alum of the University of Washington, having received the Ph.D. for her work on “Development of bead injection methodology for immunoassays” with Professor Jaromir Ruzicka in 2003. She won the UW Distinguished Teaching Award in 2021 and is a member of the American Chemical Society.

To learn more about Professor Carroll and her work, visit her faculty page, the Chemistry Education page, or contact her directly.


Prof. Colleen Craig

Portrait of Colleen Craig

Professor Colleen Craig teaches the General Chemistry series (142/152/162). In 2020 and 2021, she chaired the Committee for Remote Teaching & Learning on which she led the development of a website containing best practices in pedagogy and technology use to aid the Chemistry faculty’s shift to remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Craig also coordinated an effort to create lecture videos employed to deliver course content asynchronously in CHEM 152. Although developed for the acute needs of remote teaching, these videos can be reused in future courses to implement a “flipped” instructional model.

Craig co-founded the Chemistry Education Group, and is engaged in research on educational taxonomies and learning assessments, and measurement of the impact of course design on the opportunity gap among historically underserved students. Along with Kim Gunnerson (UW Bothell), Craig authored the lab manual Exploring General Chemistry in the Laboratory, which aims to simplify a complicated and often challenging subject for students by applying concepts to everyday life. Craig is also a Teaching Fellow with the UW Center for Teaching and Learning, where she develops faculty development programs to encourage reflective teaching practices.

Craig is an alum of the University of Washington, having received the Ph.D. for her work on "Non-adiabatic molecular dynamics in time-dependent density functional theory with applications to nanoscale materials" with Professor Oleg Prezhdo in 2006. In 2015, she received the Distinguished Teaching Award for Innovation with Technology as part of a team. She is a member of the American Chemical Society, Teaching Integrity in Empirical Research (TIER) Network, Western States Chemistry Education Group, and Network of STEM Education Centers.

To learn more about Professor Craig and her work, visit her faculty page, the Chemistry Education page, or contact her directly.

Photo of Andrea Carroll by Jessica Camarillo