The Impact of Your Support

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Thank you!

Our capacity for excellence in research and teaching is a direct result of hundreds of friends and alumni coming together to support the department’s work each year. With your help, we are educating the next generation of leading scientists, advancing the field of chemistry, and accelerating vital scientific discoveries.

In the past year, your gifts have made a tangible impact on:

  • Recruiting the top graduate student applicants by providing generous fellowship support
  • Strengthening research programs by expanding professional development activities, salary support, and lab equipment through endowed professorships
  • Supporting undergraduate students by funding awards, scholarships, and research stipends
  • Investing in staff through continuing education and training
  • Sustaining the culture, community, and education of students and postdocs by funding lectures, community building events, and student clubs

As we look to the future, we see significant potential: to invest in our research infrastructure, to provide professional development and research opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs, to advance evidence-based equity-minded practices in chemical sciences education, research and mentoring at the UW. Donor support – both annual gifts and endowment funding – will play a major role in helping us achieve this vision. We hope you will consider investing in our students, faculty and research with a gift today.

  • Make your gift online
  • Mail your gift to the UW Foundation, Box 359505, Seattle, WA 98195
    • Make check payable to the UW Foundation
    • Indicate on the memo line or enclosed note how you want your gift allocated. The Friends of Chemistry Fund (CHEDIS) provides unrestricted support

Thank you for your generosity and for being a part of our community.

We recognize here donors who contributed to our fellowships and programs from June 1, 2021, through May 31, 2022. If your name is missing or misspelled, we apologize and hope you will let us know.

Mr. Gerald & Mrs. Sara Adams
Mr. Luis & Mrs. Brenda Adrian*
Mr. Ronald Aley & Ms. Joy Jackson
Mr. Cyrus Anderson
Mr. Hazen Babcock
Mr. John & Ms. Jill Barker
Mr. Jack & Ms. Carol Baush
Ms. Ruth E. Beck
Dr. Roy Behm
Dr. Alvin & Ms. Ruby Beilby
Mr. Arvid Berg & Ms. Sophia Zervas-Berg
Dr. Gerald & Ms. Sheila Berkelhammer
Dr. James & Ms. Debra Billigmeier
Dr. George Blomgren
Brandon Bol*
Dr. Douglas & Ms. Gloria Bond
Dr. Bruce & Mrs. Aimee Buchanan
Mr. Nic Buser II
Mr. William & Ms. Susan Butenko*
Ms. Maria & Mr. Rudy Cabanela
Mr. Carl & Ms. Ann Cady
Dr. Howard & Ms. Joyce Cady
Ms. Elzelina Callis
Mr. Donald & Mrs. Patricia Carlberg
Mr. Bernard Carlsen
Ms. Ann Carr*
Ms. Kristin & Mr. Robert Carver
Dr. Weichao & Mrs. Sandy Chen
Prof. Gary Christian & Ms. Suanne Christian
Drs. John & Christine Clark
Mr. Kenneth Clark & Ms. Hasmig Seropian
Ms. Karen & The Honorable Bruce Cohoe
Drs. Wendy Connors & Ilkka Lahdesmaki
Professor Larry Dalton & Dr. Nicole Boand
Deborah Diesen*
Dr. Roy Dixon
Mr. Morris & Mrs. Sandra Dodd*
Dr. Thomas Dorn
Dr. John Douglas
Mr. Christopher Downing*
Ms. Ann Eggers
Mr. James & Ms. Christine Eldridge
Mr. John & ADM Linda Fagan
Dr. Marjorie & Mr. Andris Faltens
Dr. Edmond & Ms. Cathy Fey
Ms. Pam Fletcher
Ms. Shondra Garrigus*
Dr. Milton Goheen (D) & Mrs. Marion Goheen
Mrs. Laura & Mr. John Goldstone
Dr. John & Ms. Shirley Gray
Drs. Karen & Paul Gudiksen
Mr. Robert Hall
Dr. D. Dennis Hansen Jr.
Dr. Edward Hardwidge
Dr. Jackson & Mrs. Rosemary Harrar
Mr. Howard & Ms. Connie Harris Jr.
Dr. William Harrison
Drs. Geraldine Hashisaki & Frank Tubridy
Drs. David & Lois Hinman
Dr. Peter & Ms. Catherine Hodder
Dr. Jamin Hoggard
Mr. Tom Hom & Ms. Mae Rosok
Ms. Susan Howell*
Ms. Jeanne Hsu
Dr. Eric Hustedt
Dr. Arthur & Ms. Glenda Israel
Professor Judith Jaehning & Mr. Barry Polisky
Dr. Dan & Ms. Jorgene Jensen
Mr. Chris Johnson
Ms. Lani & Mr. Larry Johnson
Dr. Lewis Johnson
Dr. Masanori Kato
Mr. Shane Kinard & Ms. Anne Darby
Dr. Larry & Ms. Maureen Kirk
Diana Knight
Dr. David & Mrs. Franki Kohler
Dr. Mohanrao Kollipara
Mr. Fred Krick
Dr. Ray & Ms. Nancy Krueger
Dr. Christopher Kweon*
Professor Alvin & Ms. Verla Kwiram
Dr. Gary & Ms. Marian Lampman
Dr. Lynn & Reverend Jeanne Larsen
Ms. Nicole Larsen*
Mr. Tom Lee & Ms. Deborah Grace
Ms. Linda Leinicke
Mr. Jameson & Ms. Leah Leong
Dr. Elizabeth Leovey
Dr. Wesley Lingren
Drs. Jonathan & Helen Litz
Dr. Yang Liu*
Ms. Patricia & Dr. Walter Loveland
Ms. Janet Lund
Dr. Tom & Ms. Suzanne Maricich
Drs. R. Irene & Gary Masada
Mrs. Sandra & Mr. John Matsen
Professor James Mayer & Ms. Faith Katkin
Ms. Theresa McBride
Mrs. Karen & Dr. James Mhyre
Drs. Theodore & Janice Mill
Drs. Cindy Mitch-Gomez & Alvaro Gomez
Dr. A. Bruce & Mrs. Joanne Montgomery
Dr. Bruno & Ms. Elsie Morosin
Drs. Alexander & Ann Motten
Dr. David Munch
Mr. John & Mrs. Cathy Natt
Dr. Jonathan & Ms. Shauna Neidigh*
Dr. Jeffrey & Ms. Melissa Nelson
Ms. Lynn Nixon
Drs. Richard Norman & Anne True
Dr. James & Ms. Marcia Nusz
Dr. Kent & Ms. Susan Oakes
Mr. Carl & Ms. Cynthia Oda
Dr. Joseph & Ms. Marne Osborne
Dr. Marvin Osterhout
Dr. Donna Oswald
Professor Gary & Ms. Linda Paddock
Mr. Dick Pallett
Dr. Arie & Ms. Deanna Passchier
Dr. Benjamin Paulson
Dr. Raymond & Mrs. Sally Paxton
Dr. Mary Peak
Mr. Craig & Mrs. Colleen Pedlar
Dr. H. James & Ms. Letitia Portelance
Mr. Thomas & Dr. Marybeth Porter Jr.
Professor Philip & Dr. Rosita Proteau
Dr. Dallas & Ms. Gloria Rabenstein
Drs. Ruth Rabinovitch & Thomas Treger
Dr. Catherine Radzewich
Drs. Ponni Rajagopal & Natarajan Janarthanan
Dr. David Reichgott
Professor William & Mrs. Katrina Reinhardt
Mr. Thomas Ro*
Ms. Michelle Roberts
Mr. Rad Roberts & Dr. Beth Andersen*
Dr. Richard & Ms. Judith Robinson
Dr. Brian & Ms. Lisa Rohrback
Dr. Bruce & Mrs. Alice Ronald
Dr. Mark & Ms. Jill Rueber
Mr. Eric Saegebarth
Mr. Bo Saxberg
Dr. Arnold & Ms. Susan Schaffer
Dr. Margaret Scheuermann
Professor J. Michael & Mrs. Karen Schurr
Ms. Victoria Shinkawa*
Dr. Jean'ne Shreeve
Dr. Jared Silvia & Professor Brandi Cossairt
Dr. Rodney & Ms. Ruth Sime
Mr. Albert & Ms. Jeanne Siu*
Mr. William Spear
Dr. John & Ms. Christie Stein
Mr. David Sunderland & Cat Koehn
Hong Sze*
Dr. Chris & Ms. Julie Thompson
Drs. Simonida & Christopher Thurber
Professor Karen & Mr. William Timberlake
Dr. Diane Tom*
Dr. Louis & Ms. Carolyn Torre
Ms. Leslie & Dr. Takashi Tsukamaki*
Drs. S. Rao & Usha Varanasi
Dr. William & Ms. Margaret Wacholtz
Dr. John & Mrs. Rosana Warren
Mrs. Harriet Wasserman
Mr. Grant Webster
Dr. Danny & Mrs. Joanne White
Mr. Stephen White
Ms. Sharon Winter
Dr. Jean Woller
Dr. Caicai Wu
Mr. Arthur Yoshimura
Mr. Lyman Young & Ms. Marion So
Curt Zahnow*
Dr. George Zakrzewski
Ms. Julie Zalikowski
Mr. Jack Zektzer
Professor Bo Zhang
Jicheng Zhang*
Jin Zhang*
Aleksandar Zvorinji*

Corporations and Corporate Foundations
CNB II Family Medicine, Inc.
DATRON Dynamics, Inc.
Gaussian, Inc.
General Atomics
Ithax Pharmaceutical, Inc.
JPMorgan Chase & Company
Sentynl Therapeutics, Inc.

Foundations, Family Foundations and Trusts
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Amour Science Foundation
Arnold & Mabel Beckman Foundation
AYCO Charitable Foundation
Brown Science Foundation
Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation
Emerald Sky Foundation
Gary & Irene Masada Foundation
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Mistletoe Foundation USA
Research Corporation for Science Advancement
Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing
W.M. Keck Foundation
Washington Research Foundation

Other Organizations
American Chemical Society
American Society of Nephrology
TSC Alliance

First-time donors to Chemistry
(D) deceased
Contact Diana Knight, advancement & communications manager, at 206.543.1671 or by email with corrections or questions about giving.

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