Expanding Access to UW in the High School

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UWHS Chemistry 110 teachers participate in a low-cost and non-toxic activity that they can easily use to expose their students to polymer science.

The passage of Senate Bill 5048 opens the door to higher education for thousands of high school students in Washington state.

The Continuum College at the University shared the news that "Senate Bill 5048 passed the Senate and House unanimously during the most recent legislative session and was signed into law on May 4 by Governor Jay Inslee. The new legislation eliminates College in the High School fees for all public school students. Beginning with the 2023-2024 school year, thousands of academically eligible public high school students across the state will be able to take courses from UW at no cost, including students who would not otherwise be able to pay to register for college credit."

Teaching Professor of Chemistry Andrea Carroll is the CHEM 110 Faculty Coordinator for UW in the High School (UWHS). Carroll ensures that the CHEM 110 courses offered through UWHS partner schools meet the same standards as the on-campus course, leads an annual training session for new and continuing UWHS teachers, provides ongoing curricular support and mentoring, and manages classroom observations. Carroll supports more than two dozen teachers statewide who guide several hundred students through the Preparation for General Chemistry course each year. During the 2022-2023 school year, 28 teachers at 20 schools offered UWHS CHEM 110 with a total enrollment of 1,053 students!

Thank you for your service, Prof. Carroll! Because of your work with UW in the High School,  the UW can continue to serve as “the University FOR Washington.”

Read the complete story of the new legislation and more about UW in the High School from the Continuum College.