Alumni Updates from 2024

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Dan Jaffe (Ph.D. 1987) is Professor of Environmental Chemistry at the University of Washington in Bothell. His research on outdoor air pollution is often in the news, and recently, his work on indoor air pollution was featured in UW News.


Steve Alley (Ph.D. 1996) was appointed as chief scientific officer of MBrace Therapeutics, Inc. Read more about Steve in the Business Wire/Yahoo! Finance press release, March 5, 2024.


Emily Barker (B.S. 2014) graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in Autumn 2023 with a PhD in polymer chemistry. Emily is now a research chemist at Contraline in Charlottesville, VA, designing hydrogels for reversible, non-hormonal male contraceptives. (added May 2024)

Dane deQuilettes (Ph.D. 2017) had a paper published in the journal Nature Energy. “This is the first paper that demonstrates how to systematically control and engineer surface fields in perovskites," says Dane in an MIT news release published by AAAS EurekAlert! Dane is now co-founder and chief science officer of the MIT spinout Optigon. Compound Semiconductor also published an article, "Study unlocks perovskite's nanoscale secrets," on March 6, 2024. 


Lizzy Canarie (Ph.D. 2021) was promoted to Scientist II, Protein Sciences at Aptevo Therapeutics, Inc. (February 2024)

Emma Cave(Ph.D. 2023) received the 2023 Leadership in the Promotion of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect from the ACS Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scholar Recognition Program for her contributions to mentorship as a graduate student. (added March 2024)

Christopher Fellin (Ph.D. 2021) was a panelist for the Careers in Health Sciences Alumni Panel hosted by UW's Career & Internship Center on February 21, 2024. He is a biomedical engineer for the Henry Jackson Foundation studying the development of novel biomaterials for DLP 3D printing and the treatment of peripheral nerve injuries. Prior to his role at HJF, he spent a year at an industrial adhesive company as a research scientist.

Avijit Hazra (Ph.D. 2021)  won the Research Award for Underrepresented Chemists of Color from Merck in 2023. As a part of the award, Avijit went to Merck's Rahway site and engaged in a two day symposium. This year, he just won an INSPIRE faculty fellowship supported by the Department of Science and Technology, India. This will allow Avijit to start his independent academic career at an Indian institution. Avijit is currently working with Professor Matt Sigman at the University of Utah at the interface of mechanistic understanding, data science, and electro-analytical chemistry to understand how low valent Ni(I) complexes activate organic electrophile.

Cholpisit "Ice" Kiattisewee (Ph.D. 2023) received the 2023 Leadership in Mentoring award from the ACS Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scholar Recognition Program for his contributions to mentorship as a graduate student. (added March 2024)

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