Repeating a Course

The majority of chemistry courses are able to repeated 1 time (max. 2 times taking the course) and require no special permission to do so.

Our 100 level and 200 level courses can potentially be repeated a 2nd time (3 attempts total) via petition.
Under rare circumstances, CHEM and BIOC 300 and 400 level courses can be petitioned to be repeated twice (3 attempts). Drops and withdrawals do not count as attempts, S/NS attempts do.  

The earliest that you are can register to repeat a course is registration period 2. You can refer to the academic calendar for any given quarter to see when period registration begins. We do not override this restriction.

Petition Process for CHEM 100 and 200 level courses. 

Students who would like to take a 100 or 200 level chemistry course a third (and final) time will need to first meet with an adviser and then submit a written petition to the Chemistry Advising Office.

PETITION DEADLINE:  No later than the 2nd day of the quarter the student is requesting to register for the course. 

  1. If you're in a major, meet with your major adviser.  For undeclared/pre-major students, you should plan to meet with your assigned UAA, OMAD, or ENGRUD pre-major academic advisor.  

Student - Adviser talking points:
> Why you want to take the course again
> Why you didn’t do well the first and second time
> What has changed since the last time you took the course
> What your course load looks like for the quarter 
> Campus resources you could consult BEFORE you take a course for a third time
        Husky Health and Well-Being:
        Study Skills:
        Learning Strategies:

Your goal should be to maximize your ability to pass the course. The Chemistry Department does not allow students to take courses for a fourth time. It is especially important that if you are requesting to take a course for the third time immediately following consecutive quarters of not passing the course, you must demonstrate that you can be academically successful. 

  1. After you meet with your adviser, email your petition to no later than the 2nd day of the quarter you want to register for the course.  Use the subject line Petition - CHEM ## Third Time (i.e. Petition - CHEM 142 Third Time) and include the following information:

Name & student number
Course you are requesting to take for a third time
Name of advisor you met with to discuss repeating the course
Explain why you need to repeat the course.
Tell us what resources you have/will use to be successful
Please be explicit about your previous challenges and how those will be overcome in this attempt.

To repeat a 300 or 400 level course for the 2nd time (3rd attempt) the process will start with meeting with the advisers to determine if there is a way forward with a petition.