Student Employment

Student Employment

Students at the University of Washington may work in a variety of positions within the Department of Chemistry.  Hours vary by position and need.  UW HR provides details on compensation and employment requirements.

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TA Positions

The Department of Chemistry primarily uses PhD track graduate students for TA positions. The Department will occasionally need to hire additional TAs. Information about our TA program can be found on the TA Application page.

Undergraduate Stockroom

The Undergraduate Stockroom employs students to support the undergraduate chemistry lab courses by 1) helping students obtain/replace glassware, 2) assisting instructional staff with setting up equipment and glassware, 3) refilling acetone or water containers, 4) Other duties as assigned.  

Research Stockroom

The Research Stockroom employs students to support the Department of Chemistry by 1) receiving and processing all inbound packages for the Department, 2) creating unique barcodes for all chemicals that belong to the Department, 3) maintaining a stock of supplies, chemicals, liquid nitrogen, and dry ice for sale to anyone in the UW, 4) other duties as assigned. This position requires little chemical handling beyond isopropyl alcohol and acetone. Frequent lifting required.

Front Office

This is a customer service position. Individuals are responsible for: greeting all visitors, including guests, faculty, staff, and students; quickly assessing their needs; providing outstanding customer service and support. Additional duties include 1) answering phones, 2) distributing incoming mail, 3) checking in/out department equipment, 4) assisting with conference room reservations, 5) other duties as assigned.

Fiscal Services

Our Finance Office employs students to assist with 1) budget reconciliation, 2) procurement reconciliation, 3) record management, and 4) purchasing. Front office student employees will likely be trained in fiscal duties and vice versa.