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Agilent 8453

Agilent 8453

Agilent 8453 Diode Array UV-Vis Spectrophotometer


The Agilent 8453 is a diode array, ultraviolet, visible light and (limited) near infrared spectrophotometer. This instrument can record data from 190 to 1100nm. The ChemStation software used to run the instrument can display the recorded data as a spectrum (with a user selectable number of peaks and/or valleys labeled) or can display absorbance readings at user chosen fixed wavelengths. When monitoring fixed wavelengths the software allows the user to create an absorbance versus concentration response list so that unknown samples can be read directly in concentration. Additional software modules are available to handle thermal denaturation and kinetics measurements.

Sample temperature is controlled from within ChemStation via an external temperature controller which drives a Peltier heat pump attached to the sample holder. A thermocouple in the sample holder is used to provide feedback to regulate the sample temperature. In addition, there is a second thermocouple which the user can place in the sample cuvette to monitor actual sample temperature.

The ChemStation software runs in Windows XP and the workstation is part of the laboratory network. Hard copy printing is handled by the laboratory's workgroup printer. Electronic data can be retrieved either by use of a USB flash drive or by e-mailing the data as an attachment.


Bagley 83

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Martin Sadilek