GE Typhoon FLA 9000 Gel Scanner

Gel scanner

GE Typhoon FLA 9000 Gel Imaging Scanner


The Typhoon is a fluorescent/phosphorescent image scanner. It is equipped with three lasers which operate at 475, 532, and 635nm. Combined with a selection of filters (three different low pass with cutoff at 510, 575 and 665nm respectively and two different band pass with center at 530 and 570nm and 20nm width) the Typhoon is usable with a wide variety of dyes. It can be used for scanning phosphor screens, in-gel fluorescence, Western blots probed with fluorescently tagged antibodies, microplates, coomassie or silver-stained gels, and DNA gels.

The instrument control software runs in Windows XP and the workstation is part of the laboratory network. Hard copy printing is handled by the laboratory's workgroup printer. Electronic data can be retrieved either by use of a USB flash drive or by e-mailing the data as an attachment.


Bagley 83A

Training Required