Horiba FL3-21tau Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Horiba FL3-21tau Fluorescence Spectrophotometer


The FL3-21 is a fluorescence spectrophotometer capable of both continuous wave and lifetime measurements. It is equipped with monochromators on both the excitation (two stage) and emission (single stage) sides and is capable of both excitation (200-800nm) and emission (200-900nm) scans. Sensitivity in continuous wave mode is extremely good (the manufacturer claims detection of fluoroscein at 18fM). In lifetime mode the instrument can measure decay times in the picosecond range. Temperature of the sample mount is controlled via an external water bath and the mount has a magnetic stirrer.

The DataMax software runs in Windows XP and the workstation is part of the laboratory network. Hard copy printing is handled by the laboratory's workgroup printer. Electronic data can be retrieved either by use of a USB flash drive or by e-mailing the data as an attachment.


Bagley 83

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