Joshua Vaughan promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

Submitted by Kimberly Quigley on

The Department of Chemistry congratulates Assistant Professor Joshua Vaughan on his promotion to associate professor with tenure, effective September 16, 2020.

Research in the Vaughan research group is focused on the development of new high resolution fluorescence microscopy visualization techniques and the application of such techniques to understand the molecular-scale organization of biological systems. This work involves the synthesis of new fluorescent probes, the creation of new methods for tissue expansion and clearing, and the development of assays to understand the organization of the genome. The Vaughan group is developing fundamentally new visualization approaches, most notably their technique of expansion microscopy, which has been widely adopted by leading researchers in this rapidly developing area. On the application side, the Vaughan group collaborates with biologists and pathologists to apply novel imaging tools to study mouse neuronal circuitry, immune cell development, and pathology.

To learn more about Professor Vaughan and his research program, please visit his faculty page and research group website.