A stalled project blooms: Ripples at edges of lily petals

Submitted by Diana Knight on
Photo by Darius Cotoi on Unsplash

How did Sarah Keller's group make a brief detour from investigating micron-scale phase separation in lipid membranes to analyzing time-lapse movies of blooming lilies? In a blog post for the Biophysical Society, Professor Sarah Keller provides the context behind the work that was published in the June 21, 2022 issue of Biophysical Journal titled "Ripples at edges of blooming lilies and torn plastic sheets."

Sarah Keller is the Duane and Barbara LaViolette Endowed Professor of Chemistry at the University of Washington. Co-authors of this work include:

  • Dr. Thomas Portet, formerly a postdoctoral researcher in the Keller group
  • Graduate students Zachary Cohen and Gunnar Goetz (Keller group) and Nicole Panek (Masiello group), who wrote original code (among other contributions)
  • Undergraduate researcher Peter Holmes, who helped analyze data
  • Tamas Varga and Sean A. Stephens from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Read the post, "Birth of the Bloom," on the BPS blog.