Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry at the UW aims to understand how microscopic interactions in molecules and materials determine the structure and function of the broader system being studied, which can range from small molecules, to nanoscale materials, to biological molecules, or cells and tissues. The physical chemistry community is a tight-knit and welcoming group that provides excellent support for students and postdocs. Experimental and theoretical groups extensively collaborate within physical chemistry, including in regularly-held spectroscopy super-group meetings. Physical chemists regularly interact at their own research group meetings as well as in core physical chemistry courses, seminars, student-led colloquia, lunch with visiting speakers, thesis defenses, and a host of other department-led activities. In addition to strong faculty mentorship, there are many excellent research scientists and research staff who are able to mentor physical chemistry graduate students and postdocs. These factors continue to fuel workforce demand for talented and well-trained physical chemists in the public and private sectors alike.

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Charles T. Campbell, Professor Emeritus, B. Seymour Rabinovitch Endowed Chair in Chemistry
Larry R. Dalton, Professor Emeritus
James J. De Yoreo, Affiliate Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering
Thomas Engel, Professor Emeritus
Richard Gammon, Professor Emeritus
Alvin L. Kwiram, Professor Emeritus
J. Michael Schurr, Professor Emeritus
Peter M. A. Sherwood, Affiliate Professor
Sotiris S. Xantheas, Affiliate Professor