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Rose Garden in front of Bagley Hall A Letter to the University of Washington Chemistry Community September 29, 2020
Top Scholars in Chemistry Announced for the 2019-2020 academic year. September 4, 2020
UW receives NSF funds for investment in an interdisciplinary quantum future August 31, 2020
UW Chemistry Tenured Faculty position in Chemistry August 25, 2020
UW Chemistry Tenure-Track Assistant Professor position in Chemistry August 25, 2020
Designing Cutting-Edge Materials From Home August 25, 2020
Local students have an eco-friendly alternative to plastic stickers on your fruits/veggies August 10, 2020
7 University of Washington researchers elected to the Washington State Academy of Sciences in 2020 July 16, 2020
Munira Khalil Munira Khalil named next Chair of the Department of Chemistry June 30, 2020
Georges Camille Motchoffo Simo Georges Motchoffo Simo named a Spence Scholar June 24, 2020
Marium Raza Marium Raza named a Thomas Sedlock Icon Scholar June 24, 2020
Two Biochemistry students win Fulbright Scholarships! June 24, 2020
Bronze W Research Awards Announced! June 24, 2020
Earl Davie, co-founder of ZymoGenetics and pioneer in blood-clotting research, dies at 93 June 19, 2020
Freshman chemistry is an exit point for many underrepresented STEM students, study shows June 10, 2020
Grad student ‘ambassadors’ offer free clean-energy lessons and DIY solar kits to K-12 students May 28, 2020
US-MAP Consortium organizers and industry members. Solar researchers across country join forces with industry to boost U.S. solar manufacturing May 8, 2020
Andrew Carroll ‘Hands-on’ classes online? How some instructors are adapting to a new teaching environment May 7, 2020
Brandi Cossairt Brandi Cossairt promoted to Professor May 6, 2020
Gojko Lalic promoted to Professor May 5, 2020
Lawrence Goldman Lawrence Goldman promoted to Senior Lecturer May 5, 2020
Three undergraduates named to the 2020 Husky 100! May 4, 2020
Xiaosong Li Xiaosong Li receives UW Distinguished Teaching Award May 4, 2020
3D printer and 3D-printed facemasks UW’s 3D printed COVID-19 face shields: From innovation to delivery May 3, 2020
Pacific oysters in the Salish Sea may not contain as many microplastics as previously thought May 1, 2020