Rajan Paranji (he/him/his)

NMR Facility Manager

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BAG 065


Ph.D., Physics, University of Hyderabad, INDIA
Research Associate and NMR Expert, CABM, Rutgers University, New Jersey

With over two decades of in-depth and hands on specialization in the field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, I have been in-charge of efficiently managing and delivering service to users from one of the busiest NMR Spectroscopy Facilities in the country for over 17 years running.  This premier Spectroscopy Lab managed and run by me caters to a wide ranging user group spanning users who are absolutely new to the field all the way to research groups who perform cutting edge Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry research using NMR as their primary molecular tool.   Right from the upkeep of seven superconducting magnets that span the age group of decades old workhorses to cutting edge pumped systems as well as user friendly benchtop NMR dedicated to teaching,  my responsibilities span the gamut of keeping the sophisticated NMR electronics humming along 24/7,  train and introduce new NMR concepts to willing learners and researchers, all the way upto desiging and delivering actionable NMR spectroscopic methods, experiments and data analysis protocols to research groups that face challenging and fiercely urgent questions in their research problems.  Since 'the hardware is only as good as the software that runs it', last but not least, I have been passionately networking and administering all the host computers controlling every NMR spectrometer as well as programming and automating any task that can actualize the full potential of these specialized and expensive hardware. 

  If you have a molecule in mind, either small or big and eager to understand how it looks or moves using a versatile tool at the atomic level,  please come and talk to me.   I might be able to set you on a path of discovery that is both exciting and rewarding. 

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