What is Metacognition?

Simply put, metacognition is thinking about your thinking.

Many students cram for exams in their college courses by memorizing the material that they think will be on the exams.

Students who find success in their courses (and beyond) are often doing more than that. They are using metacognitive skills to constantly assess:

  • what they already know
  • what information is being presented in class and in the textbook
  • what connections exist between content in different parts of the course, courses they’ve already taken, and even other disciplines
  • whether the studying and practice they are doing is helping to improve their understanding of the new information

Catalyze Your Success by implementing metacognitive learning strategies

The goal of the “Catalyze Your Success” program is to teach you metacognitive learning strategies:

As you practice these strategies, you will learn to:

  • plan how you will learn the new material in your course 
  • monitor whether you are using the course content while solving problems
  • evaluate whether your understanding of course topics is sufficient to apply the information to new problems

Information in the Catalyze Your Success program has been adapted from learning strategies presented by the Louisiana State University Center for Academic Success and the book "Teach Students How to Learn" by Saundra Yancy McGuire, Stylus Publishing (2021).