Stefan Stoll awarded 2023 Bruker Prize

Submitted by Diana Knight on

Professor Stefan Stoll has been awarded the 2023 Bruker Prize and will present the 38th Bruker Prize Lecture this year.

The Bruker Prize is awarded by the Royal Society of Chemistry to a scientist that has made a significant contribution to ESR spectroscopy. The prize is annually awarded in the United Kingdom with an accompanying lecture by the recipient. Recent U.S.-based recipients include Professors Mike Wasielewski (Northwestern, 2021) and David Britt (UC Davis, 2016).

Stoll’s contributions to the field of ESR include his development of theoretical and computational methods, as well as an open-source spectral simulator that is used by many other ESR researchers around the world.

Stoll will present the lecture at the University of Leeds, March 27-30, 2023, during the 2023 Annual International Meeting.

Congratulations, Stefan!

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