Doug Reed receives Scialog Collaborative Innovation Award

Submitted by Diana Knight on
Doug Reed

The Scialog: Negative Emissions Science program, founded by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA), brings together researchers in chemistry, engineering, materials science, biology, geophysics, and public policy to propose innovative solutions for removal of greenhouse gases from our atmosphere and oceans. Congratulations to Prof. Douglas Reed and his Scialog: Negative Emissions Science team for winning the 2023 Scialog Collaborative Innovation Award for their work titled, "Gas Capture by Tuning Electric Fields in Conductive MOFs." The work will be funded by the RCSA and ClimateWorks Foundation.

In collaboration with researchers at University of British Columbia and Arizona State University, Prof. Reed's team will investigate the use of electric fields to remove carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. By utilizing electric fields similar to how enzymes are able to recognize carbon dioxide, these new materials could potentially be used to efficiently capture carbon dioxide and operate effectively in many different climates. Prof. Reed will apply his expertise in porous materials with high surface areas and in gas separations to advance this effort.

Read more in the press release in RSCA news, January 25, 2024.