Spectral & Analytical Instrumentation

Analytical Instrumentation Facilities

NMR (Bagley 37), Mass Spectrometry (Bagley 87), Instrument Lab (Bagley 83). Spectroscopic facility staff are available to provide instruction in the operation of instruments as well as collaboration in the best application of instrumental techniques. Users must have express consent of staff to use these instruments. This generally implies a 4-20 hour formal training period. Researchers are expected to become proficient in the operation of these instruments and are encouraged to acquire their own data.

A current listing of instrumentation including location and the assisting staff member can be found at http://depts.washington.edu/spectral/. This site also provides access to scheduling for heavily used instruments and detailed operating protocols for some instruments.

Updated information on the NMR facility including condensed operating manuals is available at http://depts.washington.edu/chemnmr