Facilities & Research Policy: Shipping & Receiving


Shipping of ALL packages and letters, regardless of content, MUST be done by the Chemistry Research Storeroom (36 Bagley Hall). The only exception is for letters containing only paper that are mailed via U.S. Postal Service (regular mail). Under no circumstance should you ship or transport a package before speaking with the Stockroom Manager (Loch Hickok). Prepared packages must be brought to the storeroom unsealed so that storeroom staff can review the contents, determine if there are any hazardous materials that require additional attention, and verify proper packaging and documentation. Storeroom staff have been trained and serve as our single control point for all departmental shipping and determination of appropriate packaging, and they will be responsible for obtaining the shipping labels and completing required paperwork.

Completion of a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) training course is required by federal law before packaging hazardous materials. The U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration regulate the transport of hazardous materials very tightly, and the DOT definition of “hazardous materials” is quite different from a chemist’s definition of “hazardous materials.” As failure to adhere to the federal policy can lead to fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, to ensure adherence to the federal policy, we require that ALL items must be shipped through the Research Storeroom.


The Research Storeroom (36 Bagley Hall) is the central receiving point for ALL shipments to the Department of Chemistry. All packages will opened and inspected by Storeroom staff during regular hours (9:00–12:00 and 1:00–4:30, Monday-Friday). If a package or other delivery comes in during off-hours, the Facilities/Machine Shop Manager (or designee), the Technical Services Director (or designee), and/or the Department Administrator (or designee) will receive items per the following checklist:

  1. Make sure recipient is in the Department of Chemistry and located with our facilities (Bagley Hall, Chemistry Building, Chemistry Library Building). DO NOT sign for packages that are to be delivered to a department other than Chemistry or a building other than BAG/CHB/CHL.
  2. Check the packing slip information for items that need immediate refrigeration – if so, the item should be taken to the Research Storeroom immediately for proper storage.
  3. Check package/boxes for visible damage – do not accept damaged packages/boxes. Those should be returned for delivery during regular hours. Inform the Storeroom Manager immediately.
  4. Sign delivery slip – with name and date.
  5. Deliver package/boxes to Storeroom or inform the Storeroom Manager of the delivery as soon as possible. Let the Storeroom manager know of any special details.
  6. If there are questions regarding receipt of an item, contact the Department Administrator (109F Bagley Hall, 206.543.1612).