Purchasing & Accounting Policy: Department Travel Authority and Request

Travel Authority

Authority to approve travel has been delegated to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, who in turn has delegated authority to the Department Chair. The Department Chair has in turn delegated authority to PIs and staff supervisors.

The appropriateness of reimbursable expenses must be approved by the person responsible for the budget, most often the Principal Investigator for grant, or a person with delegated authority.

Department Travel Request

Research Associates (post-docs) and other research personnel, Staff, and Students are required to obtain advance approval for travel from their supervisor/advisor PRIOR to their trip. Failure to obtain prior approval for a trip may preclude reimbursement of travel costs.

Once prior approval has been obtained, travel can be booked however the traveler deems fit (through a travel agency, directly with an airline, or using an online resource). Airfare can be charged to the Department’s Corporate Travel account. Personal time added to UW-related travel must adhere to UW policy (see http://f2.washington.edu/fm/travel/responsibility#personal).

Once travel has been completed, contact the Chemistry Purchasing and Accounting Office to process your reimbursement.

Prior Approval Process

The process of obtaining prior approval is now done on-line. Please see the Chemistry Purchasing and Accounting travel page for complete information.

Please contact the Chemistry Purchasing & Accounting Office (109P Bagley Hall) with questions about any part of the travel process.