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Travel portal

Use the Travel portal to submit pre-trip authorization requests, to book a flight, to pay conference registration, and to submit a travel reimbursement request.


All research associates (postdocs), graduate students, and staff must obtain approval prior to incurring any UW-covered travel expense. Prior approval is not required for faculty as this has been delegated to them by the Chair.

Complete travel policy for the Department of Chemistry: Department Travel Policy 

Prior Approval

To obtain prior approval, postdocs, graduate students, and staff must complete the Travel Request Form (UW NetID required).

Please be sure the form is complete. Your cost estimate should include all expenses for the entire trip – transportation, lodging, per diem, and registration fees. The request will be routed electronically to Hong Sze (, 206.897.1894) in the Chemistry Purchasing & Accounting Office. Hong will review the form, request additional information or clarification if needed, and then route the request to your PI or supervisor for approval via PurchasePath.

Once approval is secured, Hong will authorize charges to the Department Corporate Travel Account as needed. Upon completion and return from travel, Hong will work with the traveler to prepare a travel Expense Report for reimbursements.

Faculty Travel

Prior approval is not required for faculty travel. For reimbursement, faculty should use the Faculty Travel Reimbursement Request form (PDF) (fillable pdf).

Travel reimbursements are handled by Hong Sze in the Chemistry Purchasing & Accounting Office (109P Bagley Hall,, 206.897.1894). Please provide Hong with the completed Faculty Travel Reimbursement Request form, receipts, and supporting documentation shortly after travel has been completed.

International Travel

All graduate and undergraduate students are required to register international travel itineraries with the Office of Global Affairs. The UW Office of Global Travel facilitates safe and successful travel for UW faculty, staff, and students. Students are also required to obtain UW Student Abroad Insurance. This provides major medical insurance benefits while overseas and evacuation services for medical, security, and natural disaster emergencies, which is not provided by regular GAIP insurance.

Please see the UW Office of Global Affairs website for more information.

Chemistry Corporate Travel Account

The Department has a corporate travel account (CTA) for airline, other transportation and specified lodging. If you wish to have the Department pay for any travel expenses in advance of your trip with the CTA account, complete the Request to Charge CTA form (PDF) (fillable pdf). 

Send the completed request form to Hong Sze (, 206.897.1894) in the Chemistry Purchasing & Accounting Office. Please note the prior approval requirement outlined above. 

Travel Basics

  • See our Travel FAQ document (PDF) for answers to common questions related to UW travel.
  • Plan ahead. This ensures the desired flight times, best prices, and preferred accommodations.
  • The State of Washington requires travelers to select travel options that are the most economical.
  • Business or first class travel is allowable only under very special circumstances and with prior approval from the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. Contact Angie Mullen (, 206.685.2333) for more information.
  • International travel supported by Federal funds must use a U.S.-based air carrier (e.g., Alaska or American instead of British Airways; United instead of Air Canada; Delta instead of KLM). Contact Hong Sze (109P Bagley Hall,, 206.897.1894) or Angie Mullen (, 206.685.2333) if you have questions.
  • As soon as possible following your return, submit your reimbursement request to Hong Sze (109P Bagley Hall,, 206.897.1894). 

UW Travel Cards

Faculty or staff who take at least two business trips each year may want to consider obtaining a UW Travel Card. This is an individual liability card, i.e., the card holder is responsible for paying the expenses incurred. As long as reimbursements are filed in a timely fashion, the Travel Card bill will typically not be due before you receive your reimbursement. Unfortunately, the UW Travel Card is not available to student employees. Please see the UW Travel Office website for more information about the UW Travel Card. 


Please direct any questions to Hong Sze (, 206.897.1894) or Angie Mullen (, 206.685.2333) in the Chemistry Purchasing & Accounting Office.