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Building Access

Keys and Card Access

All keys and card access for Bagley Hall, the Chemistry Building, and the Chemistry Library Building (i.e., those areas used by the Department of Chemistry) may be obtained from the Front Office of the Department of Chemistry (Bagley 109). A refundable deposit is required upon the first issuance of department keys to any individual (no deposit is required for card access only). To obtain keys or card access, an Initial Key Application must be completed, and the necessary signatures from the borrower’s supervisor as well as the overseer of the space associated with the requested key must be obtained. Key borrowers must sign a Statement of Responsibility each time keys are issued. In order to hold keys or have card access, borrowers must complete all necessary safety training courses. Once a deposit is made, additional keys may be acquired with no subsequent deposit by completing an Additional Key Form. Before a deposit is refunded, the borrower must both complete the check-out form and return all outstanding keys. This includes completing the check-out procedure and any necessary lab or workspace clean up.

See the following documents for additional information: