Facilities & Research Policy: Building Keys

All keys and access authorization for Department of Chemistry managed spaces in Bagley Hall (BAG), Chemistry Building (CHB), and Chemistry Library (CHL), are issued through the Department via Key Connect (NetID required). Researchers granted access and/or keys are required to go through Health and Safety Orientation and sign Chemistry Policies & Procedures. Additionally, key borrowers must sign a Statement of Responsibility each time keys are issued. When checking out of the department, an offboarding form must be completed, and all keys returned. If applicable, key deposits will be refunded via direct deposit, or check; no cash refunds will be issued.

Department of Chemistry’s Key Connect (NetID required)

If you do not have a UW NetID, visit the Chemistry Front Office, BAG 109, for more information.

Key Deposit

Through December 31, 2020, all faculty, students, visitors, and employees of the Department of Chemistry are required to make a one-time Key Deposit of $50.00 before being issued keys or assigned office and/or laboratory research space. The key deposit is refundable only when the check-out procedure is completed. Anyone leaving the Department of Chemistry for a period greater than one quarter must complete a check-out form at least one week in advance of departure. All issued keys must be returned — keys may not be transferred and/or loaned to anyone else.


Your key deposit will not be returned if you:

  • Fail to return all keys at the termination of your present status or conclusion of your research;
  • Fail to complete the check-out/departure procedure;

Key Restrictions

Keys and key cards issued by the Department of Chemistry are NOT to be:

  • Copied or duplicated
  • Loaned to anyone else
  • Shared by a group of people
  • Marked in any way that indicates what room(s) the key opens
  • Marked in any way that obscures the key numbers (including color coding with tape)

Keys to chemistry buildings and research labs will be confiscated if mandatory safety training is not completed in a timely manner or if any two scheduled safety classes are missed.

Building Use Permits (BUP)

Anyone who has building access must carry a Husky Card while in the building after hours or on weekends. Husky Cards with building access are considered the equivalent of a building use permit. Husky Cards must be shown to University Police Officers when requested. If you are in the building after hours without building access on your Husky Card, you may be asked to leave the building and your keys will be confiscated. See the Key Custodian in BAG 109 to request a BUP if you do not have a Husky Card.

Keys are subject to confiscation for any of the following after-hours violations:

  • Propping open any door into or out of any Department of Chemistry building for any reason.
  • Letting any person into any Department of Chemistry building who does not have a key and/or a Husky Card with building access for whom you do not take personal responsibility.
  • Staying in any Department of Chemistry building without carrying a Husky Card with building access or a valid building use permit.

Lost or Stolen Keys

If you lock your keys inside your office/lab after-hours, contact UW Facilities at 206.685.1411.

Report lost or stolen keys to the Department of Chemistry within 24 hours or as soon as possible after the incident. In case of theft, file a police report. A fine for lost or stolen keys, whether replaced or not with new keys, will be assessed at the cost schedule in place at the time any damage is reported, regardless of whether the lost keys are replaced. Failure to return all keys at the agreed-upon time, and/or to pay penalties or replacement costs that might be assessed will result in forfeiture of the initial key deposit. Key holders will not be charged for stolen keys if a police report is filed and the number is given to the key custodian.

Lost or Stolen Key Charges

White “temp badge” Key cards: $10.00 each

Medeco keys (CHB, and new locks & spaces in BAG and CHL): $16.00 each

Desk and miscellaneous keys (any manufacturer): $6.50 each

KESO (dimple) keys (BAG and CHL):

Door keys $15.00 each
Master (group & service) keys $20.00 each
Grandmaster keys $35.00 each
Great Grandmaster keys $70.00 each

The maximum liability for a single incident involving the loss of keys is limited to $150.00.
The individual is responsible for the key charges payable in cash (exact amount) or personal check made payable to the University of Washington. Grants cannot be billed for any key costs.

Department of Chemistry Key Borrower's Agreement

This is the agreement you will sign at the time you are issued keys:

  1. I acknowledge that the keys listed [herewithin] have been issued to and received by me, and that the current status listed for each key is accurate at this time.
  2. I understand that all keys issued to me by the Department of Chemistry are and will continue to be the property of the University of Washington.
  3. I agree that the keys issued to me will remain in my care, custody, and possession at all times. I agree to maintain the security of the facilities to which I have been granted access and I will not lend these keys to anyone else, duplicate these keys, or undertake any other action that might jeopardize the security of University facilities.
  4. I agree to take full responsibility for any loss of or damage to these keys during the time they are in my care. I further assume the financial liability to replace lost or broken keys based on the cost schedule in place at the time any damage is reported.
  5. Should any of the keys in my possession be lost or stolen, I agree to make a full report within 24 hours of the loss to the Department of Chemistry.
  6. I agree to return all keys on termination of my present status.
  7. I agree to complete all required check-out procedures in advance of my departure from the Department of Chemistry (including lab cleanup and inspection).