Facilities & Research Procedure: Check-out and Laboratory Clean-up

Check-out Procedure

Anyone leaving the Department of Chemistry for a period greater than one quarter must complete the check-out/departure procedure at least one week in advance of departure. To maintain good standing, all keys issued to you must be returned to the Office Manager (BAG 109)—keys may not be transferred to anyone else.

Return your keys to the Office Manager in BAG 109 (8:00am-4:00pm). If you need instructions to mail your keys to the Department of Chemistry, please contact us.

Instructors, teaching associates, and teaching assistants should return borrowed textbooks and TA mailbox keys to the Undergraduate Services Office in BAG 303. All pre-doctoral and postdoctoral instructors responsible for grade assignments should turn in class and grade records to the Department Administrator, Bagley 109F.

Work Space and Laboratory Clean-up

To remain in good standing, all departing researchers are required to clean their work areas, properly dispose of all chemicals, return all surplus supplies to stock, return all equipment withdrawn or transfer formal responsibility to another person. The policy requiring removal of all chemicals, apparatus, small equipment, and residual material from the researcher's assigned workstation will apply to all research materials exclusive of major equipment and instrumentation.

When you have completed the clean-up of your area, arrange an appointment in advance with the Lecture Demonstration Technician in Bagley 171, for an inspection of your laboratory and office.

To maintain good standing, laboratory clean-up is required for faculty leaving the University or faculty moving from one laboratory to another. Laboratories will be inspected by the department Health and Safety Officer before keys will be issued to new spaces. Chemicals not properly disposed of and/or fume hoods, bench space, etc. not properly cleaned will be referred to Environmental Health & Safety for clean-up. EH&S clean-up will be charged to grant accounts or faculty C02*** accounts. If you have questions regarding clean-up of your laboratory, contact the Program Operations Manager at x3-8183.

Deposit Refunds

Key holders who were issued keys before January 1, 2021 paid a deposit. Upon completion of the above check-out procedure, deposits will be refunded by Ariba (direct deposit for personnel on UW payroll), check sent in the mail (provide your mailing address to the Key Custodian), or Zelle (provide the phone number OR email address associated with your Zelle account to the Key Custodian).