Administrative Policy: Administrative Mission and Department Standards

"Support UW faculty, staff and students in successfully meeting the goals of the University by providing high quality and responsive support that fosters and encourages personal and professional development."


All staff are expected to be consistent and reliable in their work attendance. This includes adhering to the following.

  • Follow established department procedures for requesting leave, reporting absences and modifying schedule.
  • For planned leave, complete leave request form and route to supervisor for approval. Upon approval, mark leave on calendar if posted. 
  • For professional staff requesting partial day absences or schedule modification, email supervisor. Classified staff requesting schedule modification should speak with supervisor.
  • All absences due to sick and/or personal leave should be reported to supervisor in advance when possible or immediately upon return to work.
  • Whenever possible request leave in advance.
  • Report unexpected absences or late to work situations within fifteen to twenty minutes of the beginning of your regular work schedule. Report should be made directly to your supervisor or the director with any appropriate information regarding the day’s work.
  • Any time you will be out of the office for three hours or more change your telephone message to reflect appropriate instructions for callers.
  • Always provide the caller with at least two options for receiving immediate attention in addition to leaving a message for you.
  • When using planned leave make arrangements with supervisor and colleagues to provide efficient coverage of your area. Notify your principle contacts and provide them with information about how they will receive service while you are away.
  • When away from your office, mark sign-out board appropriately or place a note on your door or computer notifying visitors of your return. Use specific time fragments (i.e. “will return at 3:30 PM”) instead of a vague time frame (i.e. “will return in 15 minutes”).
  • Maintain your workstations in an efficient and organized manner so that another staff member can easily step in to provide uninterrupted service to your clients.


Our goal is that anyone who contacts our office in person, by telephone or email will receive professional, friendly service. We are a service unit and we provide a full range of customer services to everyone who has contact with our department.

  • Model appropriate professional demeanor at all times. Routinely share information in a courteous professional manner with co-workers. Demonstrate appropriate professional behavior and acceptance of all staff members and the differences we each bring. Make an effort to help co-workers and contribute positively to each other’s work life. When differences of opinion occur, be proactive in bringing about resolutions in a manner where everyone can win.
  • Recognize the sensitive nature of much of the business conducted in the office and respect and preserve the confidentiality of subject matter and materials.
  • All telephone and email messages will be responded to within 24 clock hours and every effort will be made to return all messages on the same day received.
  • When providing service to faculty, students and other department and University staff, let them know your time frame and if you find that you will not be able to meet that time frame, call them and explain. Be proactive so that the customer does not have to call you back to find out the status of a request.
  • If you discover an error or a problem that will impact service call those who will be impacted to explain.
  • When you receive a call that would be appropriately responded to by another staff or faculty member, please take the caller’s name, a brief message and telephone number and contact the appropriate person and ask them to return the call.
  • Make every effort to provide accurate, complete information to all clients.


All staff should take pride in representing the Department of Chemistry and the University of Washington.

  • Every staff member is encouraged to participate in training, continuing education, professional activities and organizations that will further their individual career/professional growth and will enhance the quality of service to this unit.


All Staff are expected to be aware of and to comply with state law and University policy regarding conduct, use of facilities, equipment and resources. Issues of particular reference to the Department of Chemistry are referenced in the Chemistry web pages titled Department Policies and Procedures; also referenced in a January 2000 communication from the Executive Vice President on the use of email (attached).

  • Comply with all other University policies, procedures, State and Federal Laws and the WAC.
  • When concerns/reservations about policy or a specific issue arise, discuss with your supervisor.


The Department of Chemistry is committed to a service culture, which embraces the following values:

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Participation
  • Unity

And demonstrates the following service standards:

  • Listening
  • Looking for solutions
  • Acknowledging co-workers
  • Maintaining a positive environment