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Administrative Policy: Telephone Service

Faculty and Staff

Department of Chemistry will authorize direct telephone lines for all faculty and staff. Transfer voice mail (TVM) and/or Voice Mail (VM) will be provided as needed. Requests for telephone service from emeritus faculty will be dealt with on an individual basis. The department administrator will review requests.

Students and Post-docs

Due to budgetary limitations, student and post-doc offices will be provided shared (or partied) telephone lines. Office proximity and/or number of occupants will determine how lines are assigned. The target departmentwide average is one telephone line per eight students/postdocs. Where appropriate for convenience, more than one instrument may serve a single line (“party” line). Transfer voice mail and/or voice mail will not be provided except under unusual circumstances. The department administrator will determine line assignment.

Laboratories and Research Space

Assignment of telephone lines to laboratory and other research spaces will be based upon the number of students and postdocs assigned to the space per the preceding section.

Telephone Requests for Non-Operations Funded Telephones

Individuals with funding sources authorized to pay telephone service charges (line, instrument, etc.) may request telephone service additions paid from that source via the department administrator. Examples include journal editorial offices and center offices with independent funding sources.

All telephone requests (repair/maintenance/new lines/changes/etc) will be processed with ComTech via the Facilities Assistant in BAG 109. Other requests/inquiries to ComTech will not be processed.