Administrative Procedure: Requesting Authorized Leave

Goal: The success of the Chemistry Department is dependent upon regular and prompt attendance of staff members. Staff are expected to request authorization for leave (annual leave, sick leave, leave without pay). Failure to obtain authorization constitutes insubordination and will result in corrective action up to and including dismissal. Supervisors and managers are responsible for distributing this procedure to all current and future staff members of their units.


This procedure applies to all Chemistry Department staff.


The following absences shall not be considered under this procedure. Documentation may be required.

  • Single extended illness
  • Serious medical conditions and other absences covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • In-patient hospitalizations
  • Death of a family or household member
  • Authorized absence due to job-related injury or illness
  • Authorized leave of absence
  • Civil duty leave
  • Military leave
  • Mandated leave following exposure to contagious disease
  • Disciplinary suspension days
  • Administrative leave
  • Suspended Operations/Inclement Weather
  • Disability leave

Section I. Requesting Authorized Leave

A. Notice

All employees are required to formally request authorization for leave time (annual leave, sick leave, leave without pay) except for the absences listed above. Requests for authorized leave must be submitted on the department Request for Leave form (attached).

B. Procedure

  1. Employee complete the Request for Leave form including date(s) of request and type of leave requested
  2. Employee signature required
  3. Obtain supervisor approval/denial and signature
  4. Supervisor should keep a copy of the signed form for records
  5. Supervisor returns signed form to employee
  6. Employee keeps signed form to be turned in with weekly timesheet

C. Sick Leave

Sick leave used for the exceptions listed above do not require Request for Leave form(s). Sick leave used for prearranged doctor, dentist, etc. visits require a preauthorized leave. Supervisors should verify that the employee has appropriate sick leave time BEFORE approving Request for Leave forms.

D. Annual Leave, Compensatory Time, Leave Without Pay

Supervisors retain the discretion to approve or deny use of annual leave, compensatory time, and authorized leave without pay business purposes. Supervisors should verify that the employee has appropriate annual leave and/or compensatory time BEFORE approving Request for Leave forms.

Section II. Processing Request for Leave Forms

Request for Leave forms are to be submitted with weekly timesheets as follows:

  1. Employee completes timesheet as required and staples approved Request for Leave form(s) to timesheet
  2. Obtain supervisor signature on timesheet
  3. Submit timesheet to department payroll coordinator (with Request for Leave forms attached)

Supervisors are required to verify accurate time reporting and to reconcile timesheet with Request for Leave forms.