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Administrative Procedure: Room Reservations

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms may be reserved by faculty, staff, or graduate students for meetings, seminars, or colloquia. Reservations are made by department secretaries and/or in by the department receptionist in Bagley.


  • Bagley 109L
  • Bagley 319
  • Bagley 464
  • CHB 102
  • CHB 239
  • CHB 339
  • CHB 439
  • CHL 068B
  • CHL 134

Classrooms in Bagley Hall

Room Capacity
108 40
131 300
154 121
260 75
261 75
331A 25

CLASSROOM USE: Bagley Hall Classrooms can be reserved ONLY by the receptionist in Bagley 109 as they fall under the jurisdiction of Room Assignments (5-0540). For details on each room, see the Bagley Classroom page.

Quiet Room

Benefits for UW personnel include a Quiet Room located in Bagley 468 that can be used as a Lactation Station/Mother's Room or prayer/meditation room. Individuals using the room must provide their own equipment and supplies. The room is equipped with a comfortable chair and a refrigerator. See Facilities Support for key card access.