Facilities & Research Policy: Required Training for Lab Personnel

General Trainings


The following trainings are required by all employees of the UW:

  • Asbestos General Awareness (online)
  • Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Violence Prevention and Response 
  • Addressing Discrimination & Harassment (ADH)

Safety Training

The Department of Chemistry requires that all persons working in laboratories (employees and students) must take the following training courses:

  • Compressed Gas Safety (online)
  • Fire Extinguisher Training (online or in-person)
  • Fume Hood Training (online)
  • Managing Laboratory Chemicals (online)

Your lab may require additional trainings depending on the nature of the research.  These trainings are provided by UW Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S). All online training should be completed within two weeks of receiving your keys. For classroom training, register for the next available course. If there is not a course available when you first look, we request that you continue to check back on the website and enroll when a course next becomes available. Both the online and in-person training fulfill the requirement, so you may choose the one you prefer.

  1. Go to http://www.ehs.washington.edu/psotrain/corsdesc.shtm
  2. Click on the name of the training you wish to complete
  3. Click “Start online” or “Register for Class”
  4. Log in with your UW NetID
  5. Put Eric Camp (ericcamp@uw.edu) as the supervisor (even if you have a different supervisor).  This will ensure that the Department receives notification of your training and the trainings are updated in the central database.

An additional recommended training is:

  • First Aid/CPR certification

First Aid/CPR Training is offered by the Department on a regular basis, so there is no need for an individual to pay for the one offered by EH&S. For more information, please see the Director of Instructional & Laboratory Services (Eric Camp, BAG 303D, ericcamp@uw.edu).  This is required for TA appointments.  

Notes for online training certificate:

  • The UW campus mailbox number for the Department of Chemistry is 351700.