Facilities & Research Policy: Chemistry Shops Priorities

Electronics Shop - Bagley 74
Machine Shop - Bagley 82A

The following priorities will apply to all shops (Electronics and Machine).

  1. Emergency and Safety-Related Jobs (<1hr)
    1. Emergency is defined as repair of or modification to apparatus in order to complete the experimental run in progress.
    2. Safety related is defined as minor jobs to correct critical safety hazards.
    3. Emergency and safety-related jobs can bump any routine work in progress.
  2. Small Departmental Jobs (<4 hrs). Some time each day is to be scheduled for work on small orders. This procedure assures the progression of small orders through the shop, while still allowing work each day on routine larger orders
  3. Routine Departmental Jobs (<4 hrs). Any large job is subject to review by the Shop Committee. The Shop supervisor is responsible for scheduling work such that some time is spent each week on large jobs, but not to the detriment of small jobs.
  4. UW Jobs outside the Chemistry Department
  5. Commercially Available Equipment
  6. Non Skilled Work or work that is not related to shop skills (i.e., furniture moving, plant maintenance work, etc.)